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6 Signs of a Major Engine Problem

6 Signs of a Major Engine Problem

6 Signs of a Major Engine ProblemBy staying up to date on your auto maintenance, you'll be taking the proper precautions to minimize the chances of engine trouble arising. But even if you pamper your car, signs of engine trouble could emerge, and you'll want to be familiar with them so that you know to visit the shop for diagnostics. Here's a look at six symptoms of major engine trouble.

Knocking Noise

A repetitious knocking sound could be an indication that your engine is dangerously low on oil, resulting in inadequate lubrication. In such a scenario, you may be able to take care of the issue by simply adding fresh oil. However, this symptom could also mean that you're going to need a rebuild on the bottom end of your engine.


Extremely low oil could lead to metal-on-metal contact, which may consequently cause vibrations.

Burning Smell

If oil is burning up, then your engine might not receive the necessary amount of lubrication.

Loss of Power

If you drive an older vehicle that has high mileage, then you don't necessarily need to be concerned if it has gradually lost a bit of power as the years have gone by. But a sudden and drastic loss of power is an indication that you should get to the shop for diagnostics.

Decreasing Gas Mileage

While various automotive issues could cause a drop in fuel-economy, one possibility is compression stroke trouble.

Discolored/Excessive Exhaust Smoke

Anytime that exhaust smoke seems to be the wrong color, it'll be worthwhile to look into the matter. White smoke suggests a coolant leak. Blue-tinted smoke could mean there's an oil leak. Black smoke is a sign that too much fuel is being burned.

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Posted: May 9, 2020