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Common Types of Air Brake Trouble

Common Types of Air Brake Trouble

Common Types of Air Brake TroubleIn semi trucks air braking systems, compressed air pushes the brake shoe lining onto the brake drum to bring the truck to a stop. Because air braking systems are more complex than standard hydraulic brakes, it's important that they are serviced exclusively by mechanics who offer particular expertise in this area of repair. This will ensure that your safety is optimized as you haul heavy loads across vast expanses. Here's a look at five common semi truck brake problems.

Misaligned Brake Shoes

When brake shoes don't wear down evenly, the thinner one could start wearing out very quickly. If you hear scraping or squealing sounds coming from your air brakes, it could be due to this reason.

Brake Shoe Is Stuck

Your truck may still properly come to a stop if it has a brake shoe that is sticking. But then when you go to accelerate, your truck might not pick up speed in the way that it typically would, which can be frustrating, and perhaps somewhat dangerous if you're trying to merge with high-speed traffic.

Water/Oil in the Air Reservoir

Before air goes into its reservoir, the air dryer is meant to remove water and oil from it. If water is not eliminated before air goes into the reservoir, then corrosion could result. You may need a new air dryer cartridge if water is getting into your air reservoir.

Fast Loss of Pressure

When your reservoir quickly loses pressure, it can heavily stress the compressor. In many cases, rapid pressure loss is due to issues with the valves that control how air is flowing out of the reservoir.

Pressure Builds Up Slowly

To create the force needed to bring the wheels to a stop, air braking systems need highly pressurized air. If the compressor isn't working properly, then the necessary pressure may not be attained.

When it's time for semi truck brake repair, be sure to visit an experienced specialist. For air brake repair in San Antonio, TX, contact the experts at Diesel and Gas Garage at (210) 760-3133. Feel free to give Diesel and Gas Garage a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your repair or maintenance needs! Diesel and Gas Garage also offers truck and trailer storage in San Antonio!

Posted: December 13, 2020